Colour Theory I : Colour in Your Environment

This week we investigated colour in our environments and how we perceive it.

1. Colour from nature. The pink of the tree against the blue of the sky caught my eye while I was biking. Because they are pink flowers on a tree, it automatically makes me think of spring in Vancouver with all of the trees and flowers blooming. The clear blue sky also helps to convey this. Because pink blossoms are a clear sign of spring in the city it makes me feel happy and refreshed looking at it.


2. A human made colour in my environment. The red of the fire hydrant stands out against the natural green of the grass and trees so it’s easy to spot. We learn that red is a colour for emergencies (hospitals, fire trucks, police) so that helps us understand that this isn’t just a hydrant anyone can use but for emergencies only. It doesn’t make me feel a sense of urgency but I am aware that that is its purpose.


3. Familiar object from my life. I chose to use my work waterbottle. It has our branding and colours and I use it all the time. I changed the pink to green. When I look at the green one it makes me cringe inside, it just feels wrong and gross for some reason. I also have no connection to the waterbottle anymore, it doesn’t feel like it’s mine. It also feels less feminine because there’s no longer any pink, so I wouldn’t think its’ for girls programs anymore but maybe boys. The green colour actually makes me think of the Hulk even though he’s a different shade of green and it also makes me think of slime, both of which aren’t typically associated with girls or women.




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