13 Weeks of Sharing

I had been very fearful of publishing my work online for a long time, and this fear didn’t come from nowhere. Since I can remember I have always had no problem showing friends my essays and school projects, but when it came to my creative work, drawings, illustrations or paintings that I had put my heart and soul into as well as spent hours working on; I didn’t dare share that work. In fact, most people that I went to high school with probably have no idea that I’m a ‘creative person’.

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If You’re Reading This… Who Are You?

When I first created this blog I didn’t really think of who my audience was at all. Since it’s my space for sharing my art and design work I was more focused on how I came across and what I’d be putting up here than who would actually be engaging with it. When I think a little deeper about it I realize that I imagine someone who is pretty much exactly like me. Continue reading

Wonderful Websites

As someone who is very particular about design, I thought Travis Gertz’s Design Machines was, to be frank, awesome. He hit the nail on the head with what is happening online. He presents some very compelling arguments and does so in such an eloquent fashion. What I love the most about the whole experience of reading “Design Machines” is that the article is visually presented in a unique way I’ve never experienced. The article is interwoven with illustrations in the background. It only furthers Gertz’s point that when we step outside of the ordinary, and choose to do expressive intuitive things, it gets noticed. I actually bookmarked that article because I loved the content and the way it was presented so much.

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I Want My Attention Back

I want my attention back. This is something that I have desired for a long time. I have often wondered how I could cure myself of this nagging need to check my phone. How could I spend less time in the infinite digital universe and more in the physical world I exist in? How could I spend more time doing things I love instead of whiling away the hours scrolling endlessly? I tried leaving my phone in the other room, I tried using apps that locked me out of my social media and messaging apps, then I tried deleting the apps from my phone entirely, but unfortunately, while these tactics worked for some time, they did not prove to be sustainable solutions to the problem.

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