Process: Dealing with Negative Feedback

Last week our class had the great pleasure of hearing from Tod Maffin from EngageQ, and were exposed to a career path that I never knew existed; dealing with negative feedback. If you have ever been anywhere on the internet, you know that it’s rampant with negative reviews, angry customers and just unnecessarily mean comments. What Tod and his team at EngageQ do, is deal with exactly those things. I imagine them as being something like the internet angels or knights in shining armor, saving us from the most nightmarish of online situations.

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Process: Innovation and Selling Yourself

This week we had the pleasure of having Iain Begg from SFU Innovates join us to talk about innovation. He talked a lot about different groups that are working on innovative projects and how they got funding for them. It didn’t really feel too relevant to me until Suzanne mentioned that with most of us in the class, we are the product. Our services, and we as brands, are what we have to sell. Yikes. Talk about scary. Continue reading

Process: Storytelling

This week we had the pleasure of having Shannon and Lauren from Echo Storytelling tell us a little bit about how to craft amazing stories. Storytelling is such an important part of the human experience. From legends that are passed down from generation to generation to advertisements, storytelling is at the heart of human culture. So how do you craft a good one? These are the main tips that I collected from Shannon and Lauren’s presentation.

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Process: Quality Over Quantity

I recently attempted to make a brand video for PUB201; I thought it would be fairly simple but boy, I could not have been farther from the truth. It took several hours to organize the setup, and get the lighting right, then once everything was ready it took way more takes than I would have liked. I was trying to do a timelapse of myself drawing something since, after all, I am an illustrator and graphic designer of sorts. During different takes I had the camera stop recording, the light stop working or I just created a wonky illustration. Frustrated with the outcome, I was not looking forward to sharing the video.

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